cyber security


Enhanced Endpoint Protection with Unified EDR and NGAV

Our Endpoint Security solution seamlessly blends EDR with Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) to create a formidable, cloud-based defense mechanism. It offers granular, real-time insights into endpoint activities, effectively halting attacks and facilitating swift detection. This integrated approach enhances threat hunting and empowers immediate response measures to secure your managed endpoints.

Advanced Threat Defense

Leveraging the prowess of our integrated EDR/NGAV module, Elastic Security Endgame, our Endpoint Security provides superior protection against sophisticated threats like ransomware, malware, and elusive tactics such as Living-off-the-Land attacks. It features a robust analysis engine that swiftly identifies and alerts on anomalies, ensuring threats are preempted and countered instantly.

Machine Learning-Driven Security

Our Endpoint Security is fortified with machine learning and behavioral analytics, enabling a proactive defense against emergent threats. This intelligent system promptly discerns patterns and adjusts to them, safeguarding businesses from novel vulnerabilities, including zero-day exploits and in-memory attacks.


Premier Detection: Our Endpoint Security is equipped with continuously refined detection rules, offering precise prevention and timely response to new global threats. Our system deploys these updates immediately, bypassing conventional release cycles for a faster response to suspicious activities and reducing false positives.

Targeted Process Management: Our approach addresses today’s paramount threats, with capabilities to suspend or terminate specific harmful processes. This precision avoids the unnecessary shutdown of crucial applications or devices, maintaining business continuity.

Streamlined Security Management: The platform is designed for ease, with ongoing optimization and management of detection rules. This ensures that you can focus on your core business activities while our system provides advanced prevention and detection.

 Our integrated Endpoint Security combines EDR and NGAV into a powerful, cloud-first solution. With Endpoint Security, you have detailed, real-time visibility into what’s happening on the endpoints you manage, stopping attacks, accelerating detection, streamlining threat hunting, and enabling immediate response actions.