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Secure Access Secure Edge and Zero Trust Network AccessCyber Security

Our SASE module provides low latency, secure connections that support the dynamic access needs required to work from anywhere, unifying several different networking and security technologies to significantly reduce risk.  Our module is always on and always protecting your endpoints, no matter where they are located.

Consolidate networking and network security
Unify 10+ point solutions with SASE, enhancing connectivity, strengthening security, and elevating the user experience. Our SASE module includes a Next-Gen Cloud Firewall, full SSL Inspection, URL and Content Filtering, Secure DNS, and much more.

Invisible security to deliver an optimal user experience

SASE consolidates an always-on VPN and a full suite of built-in network security features. At the same time, it eliminates expensive hardware, which often causes bottlenecks and increases latency, to keep users secure everywhere they operate. With SASE, you’re not just connected—you’re protected, ensuring threat-free access to essential resources without friction.

Granular control

Zero Trust Network Access provides granular control over individual access to network resources, enabling businesses to specify authentication requirements and access methods. This streamlines the implementation of least privilege and significantly improves your business’s security posture by limiting lateral movement and serving as a second layer of access control.

Full visibility

Our SASE module ensures there are no gaps in visibility for network traffic. With traditional VPNs, users choose when to connect, leaving them exposed and administrators in the dark to potential security threats. With our SASE module, each of the networking and networking security features live in our global data centers, ensuring devices are connected and protected from anywhere in the world.

Top performance

Secure connections are crucial for a business to run smoothly, but so is performance and an excellent user experience. Our SASE module can deliver speeds upwards of 1 Gb/s.


Our SASE module delivers multiple layers of security, designed to work together seamlessly to ensure users are protected everywhere they go.


Our SASE module is simple to deploy, configure, and manage, meaning businesses can get started right away, with an average implementation time of 10 minutes. It also can overlay on existing solutions, requiring no changes to existing hardware or complex configurations.

Beyond security

Our Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe leverage a private fiber backbone to intelligently route between locations combined with connections to every Tier 1 provider and major ISP in the world means our SASE goes beyond security to deliver always-on connectivity from everywhere.