Passwordless MFA


Partnering with Secret Double Octopus: Unleash Robust, Flexible, and Phishing-Resistant Authentication Solutions

Unmatched Security for the Modern Enterprise

Direct Business Technologies is proud to partner with Secret Double Octopus, a pioneer in the realm of passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) that champions security without complexity. Recognized for its seamless integration into existing IAM ecosystems, Secret Double Octopus delivers broad and deep security coverage tailored to modern enterprise needs.

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Comprehensive Authentication Coverage

  • Secure Remote Workers: Empower your workforce with MFA and passwordless authentication options for VPNs (Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco AnyConnect , Sonicwall, Sophos and others), VDIs, mobile, and cloud applications, ensuring secure access regardless of location or device.
  • Desktop Security: Extend robust paswordless MFA to every desktop, supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux, including options for disk encryption like FileVault. This ensures a unified security stance across all end-user platforms.
  • Advanced Integration Capabilities: Enable authentication with FIDO keys for Active Directory and traditional RADIUS-based VPN gateways, and fully leverage Octopus passwordless authentication with Azure AD Premium.
  • Shared User Support: When it is simply not possible to have dedicated users for all systems and workflows, Secret Double Octopus provides a mechanism to perform Passwordless Authentication using shared user objects while still securing the authentication process.  Critical compliance auditing is provided with a full audit trail of who logged into a shared user object, on what machine and when the login occurred.

For additional information on shared user support, see our blog post “Secret Double Octopus – Shared User Accounts” here

Tailored Flexibility

  • Legacy and Modern Applications: Enable both legacy on-premises applications and modern cloud solutions with traditional MFA and innovative passwordless options, providing seamless security transitions.
  • Customizable Authentication Journeys: Adapt the authentication experience to fit your organizational needs with flexible, scalable options:
    • Mix traditional MFA with adaptive push MFA or add FIDO2 hardware keys selectively for different user groups.
    • Implement our “Password Free” mode, which allows for setting shared secrets without the need for users to remember or input them.

Phishing-Resistant Technologies

Achieve superior protection against phishing with our phishing-resistant passwordless MFA solutions, which include:

  • Desktop-to-App Pinning: Utilize SDO’s patented technology to secure applications directly from the user’s desktop without the need for complex PKI certificates.
  • FIDO2 Hardware Token Key Pair Pinning: Enhance security with hardware tokens that provide robust, phishing-resistant authentication.
  • Adaptive Mobile Push: Defend against mobile push bombing and extend security protections with adaptive capabilities that adjust to security threats in real-time.Double Octopus Diagram

Comprehensive Features of Secret Double Octopus Solutions

Diverse Authentication Options

Octopus Authenticator: A cornerstone of our solution, providing seamless, secure authentication across multiple platforms.

FIDO2 hardware keys: Offers a highly secure method of authentication by leveraging cryptographic login credentials that are unique to each user and device. These hardware keys are phishing-resistant and do not require the user to input any sensitive information, enhancing security for high-risk environments.

Passkey support for web applications: Enhances user experience by allowing seamless and secure authentication across various web applications. Passkeys are cloud-synced, enabling users to authenticate on any device with minimal effort, promoting a more streamlined login process without compromising security.

Certificate based authentication: Provides a robust layer of security by using digital certificates to verify the identity of devices and users. This method is highly secure due to its reliance on public key infrastructure (PKI), making it suitable for organizations that require stringent authentication measures.

OTP Codes (Software or Hardware based): Offers a flexible, two-factor authentication solution that generates a time-sensitive, one-time use code. Users can receive OTPs through a software application or a dedicated hardware token, providing an added layer of security that is effective against many types of cyber attacks, including credential stuffing and phishing.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

  • Web and Mobile Apps: Ensures secure access to your web and mobile applications with robust MFA.
  • VPN & VDI: Provides extra layers of security for your virtual private networks and virtual desktop infrastructures.
  • Desktop: Offers both password-based and passwordless MFA options to suit various organizational needs.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Enhancements

  • SSO Portal: Optional integration that simplifies access management across multiple applications.
  • SSO Portal Passkey Support: Enhances security with cloud-synchronized passkeys, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.
  • FIDO Security Key Support: Supports device passkeys for a more secure and convenient authentication experience.

Advanced Phishing Protection

  • Phishing-Resistant MFA: Guards against sophisticated phishing attacks, providing a higher level of security.
  • Desktop Push Bombing Protection: Protects against push bombing attacks, ensuring the integrity of push notifications.

Integration and Compatibility

  • 3rd Party Authenticator Support: Integrates with a wide range of third-party authenticators to provide flexibility in authentication methods.
  • OTP Authentication Fallback: Offers a one-time password fallback mechanism, ensuring access continuity in various scenarios.
  • AAL3 Proximity Assurance: Delivers high assurance authentication, verifying user proximity for enhanced security.
  • Desktop-to-App Pinning: Ensures secure application access directly from the user’s desktop.

Platform and Device Support

  • Mac Local FileVault Supported: Provides compatibility with Mac’s FileVault for enhanced disk encryption.
  • Smartcard Desktop Authentication: Enables smartcard integration for secure desktop access.
  • Legacy App Support: Ensures older applications remain secure and accessible with updated authentication methods.
  • Shared User Support: Allows multiple users to access systems securely, ideal for shared work environments.

Linux Compatibility

  • Linux Passwordless and MFA: Offers both passwordless and multi-factor authentication options for Linux systems, enhancing security without compromising on user experience.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

  • Microsoft Exchange Active Sync: Ensures secure synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, enhancing mobile email access.
  • Mrosoft Exchange OWA: Provides secure access to Microsoft Exchange Online Web Access, safeguarding your email communications.

This expansive set of features from Secret Double Octopus not only secures every point of access within your organization but also provides the flexibility to adapt to your specific security needs. Whether you’re looking to secure enterprise-wide resources or provide tailored access for different user groups, our solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection without adding complexity to your security infrastructure.

Securing Air Gap Critical Infrastructure with Secret Double Octopus

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Air-Gapped Environments

In the context of heightened cybersecurity threats and stringent Presidential mandates, critical infrastructure sectors are urgently called to bolster their defenses. Traditional MFA solutions falter in air-gapped environments where internet-based second factors can breach the foundational principle of isolation. Furthermore, the integration challenges posed by custom and legacy applications add layers of complexity to strengthening these secure environments.

Passwordless MFA: A Strategic Advantage

Secret Double Octopus revolutionizes how critical infrastructures approach security by offering a passwordless MFA solution that fits effortlessly within existing architectural frameworks without the need for internet connectivity. By removing the requirement for passwords, the solution not only minimizes the security attack surface but also significantly boosts workforce productivity.

Tailored Solution Highlights for Air-Gapped Environments

Frictionless Integration: Specially designed to work seamlessly within the constraints of air-gapped and isolated networks.
No Internet Required: Ensures the integrity and isolation of air-gapped environments are uncompromised.
Seamless Compatibility: Integrates flawlessly with existing network and directory architectures, requiring no modifications or overhauls.
Extended Application Support: Provides robust authentication capabilities across a wide array of applications including custom, legacy, and modern web applications.
Comprehensive Platform Support: Compatible with various operating systems and authentication protocols including Windows, Mac, SAML, LDAP, RADIUS, and REST.
Versatile Usage: Offers strong authentication solutions not just for air-gapped environments but also for corporate settings and remote workforce scenarios.

Revolutionizing Authentication in Critical Settings

Secret Double Octopus delivers an unmatched level of security and operational efficiency, making it the ideal choice for organizations looking to secure their most vital assets without disrupting existing processes. By leveraging this powerful passwordless MFA solution, organizations can:

Reduce the Attack Surface: Minimize vulnerabilities traditionally exploited through password breaches and phishing attacks.
Close Compliance Gaps: Meet and exceed regulatory and cyber insurance requirements with advanced authentication technologies.
Enhance User Experience: Eliminate the friction commonly associated with secure access to critical systems, leading to improved satisfaction and productivity.

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Why Choose DBT with Secret Double Octopus? Unrivaled Expertise

With Secret Double Octopus, Direct Business Technologies provides a passwordless MFA solution that is not only the most robust on the market but also offers unmatched flexibility and scale. From protecting large multinational corporations to empowering SMBs with enterprise-grade security, our solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of any organization. Our partnership with Secret Double Octopus is deeply collaborative, contributing real-world insights to further refine and advance the product.

At Direct Business Technologies, we understand the challenges of navigating the complex landscape of digital security. By partnering with Secret Double Octopus, we offer solutions that are both innovative and easy to implement, ensuring that your organization can face the future of digital threats with confidence.

License Options

Octopus Starter

Octopus Starter

Traditional MFA with passwords, but future-ready to go passwordless MFA. Covered use cases include cloud/web applications, VPN, and VDI – perfect for securing remote workers.

Octopus Pro

Octopus Pro

Adds desktop MFA, including phishing-resistant FIDO2 key authentication to Windows, MAC, and corporate applications. Pro enables MFA with passwords but prepares your business to go passwordless MFA with the flip of the switch.

Octopus Enterprise

Octopus Enterprise

Full passwordless MFA for your entire workforce. The industry’s leading strong authentication offers the most complete, robust, and proven feature set in the market. Protect your desktops, web and corporate apps, and privileged accesses with phishing-resistant MFA.

Deployment Options

With three deployment models available, we can easily meet your organizations needs and move you to the future of a passwordless world!

DBT Hosted Solutions:

Opt for DBT’s fully managed Secret Double Octopus hosting services and benefit from rapid deployment and DBT’s secure, SOC2 accredited hosting. Our Microsoft Azure-based managed service delivers a comprehensive, co-managed solution with dedicated compute infrastructure.  We handle the complete management spectrum—from infrastructure and security to licensing, backups, upgrades, and application integrations. Our geographically redundant hosting operates across Microsoft Azure EastUS2 and West US, with customized deployment options at your disposal.

On-Premises Deployment:

Need more control? If you prefer to house the Secret Double Octopus platform within your own infrastructure, Octopus is available as a self-managed virtual appliance for your on-premises and private cloud environments.  Lack specific infrastructure elements? Utilize our Azure-hosted and secured reverse proxies and global load balancing services for your on-site deployment needs. Our customized solutions guarantee a seamless transition to a passwordless environment, we’re here to assist with everything from planning to production. Volume discounts start at 500 users.


Opt for the simplicity of Secret Double Octopus’s SOC2 accredited cloud solution on AWS, offering fault-tolerant services. With pricing contingent on user volume, contact us for a custom quote. *SDO SaaS requires a 500-user minimum.


*All pricing includes all aspects of installation, configuration, management, and application integration.

Octopus Starter

DBT Hosted Solution:

From $4 USD per user/month with a 100-user minimum*

On-Prem Deployment:

From $2 USD per user/month, billed annually with a 50-user minimum


Pricing contingent on user volume, contact us for a quote. SDO SaaS requires a 1500-user minimum for starter license

Octopus Pro

DBT Hosted Solution:

From $7 USD per user/month with a 100-user minimum.*

On-Prem Deployment:

From $3 USD per user/month, billed annually with a 20 user minimum


Pricing contingent on user volume, contact us for a quote. SDO SaaS requires a 500-user minimum

Octopus Enterprise

DBT Hosted Solution:

From $9 USD per user/month with a 100-user minimum.*

On-Prem Deployment:

From $6 USD per user/month, billed annually with a 20 user minimum


Pricing contingent on user volume, contact us for a quote. SDO SaaS requires a 500-user minimum