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SIEM and Threat

Managed SIEM and Threat DetectionSIEM

Proactive, Intelligent Security Management

Direct Business Technologies presents our Managed Cloud SIEM module, a proactive solution that’s always up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats. Activated from the first day, it delivers immediate value through its comprehensive detection and analysis capabilities. By correlating data across your entire security and technology landscape, our platform not only identifies threats but also offers actionable insights. This is achieved through a blend of pre-built dashboards, intuitive visualizations, and a streamlined search experience that simplifies complex data.

Our managed SIEM includes a detection engineering team working full time to analyze threat data across the SIEM, SASE and EDR components to identify newly emerging threats. These rulesets are automatically updated and added to the SIEM. With over 2000+ detection rules, our managed SIEM is an industry leader for advanced detection without the noise and alert fatigue.

Key Features and Benefits

Rapid Data Integration: Seamlessly ingest data from endpoints and SASE networks with just a few clicks.

Extensive Compatibility: Over 250 ingestion points covering a range of devices, cloud services, and applications.

Dashboard Variety: Access to more than 50 pre-built dashboards, including a Managed Threat Hunting Dashboard.

Customization Freedom: Create bespoke detections and reports with an easy-to-use visual editor.

Advanced Detection Engine: Powered by Machine Learning and AI for cutting-edge threat detection.

Strategic Framework: Incorporation of the MITRE ATT&CK® framework for comprehensive threat mapping.

Efficient Case Management: Simplify alert management and accelerate investigations with integrated case management and alert aggregation.

Interactive Exploration: Dive deep into data with interactive discovery tools and timelines.

Immediate, In-Depth Insights

Our Managed Cloud SIEM module is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution. It includes managed detection rules, dashboards, and reports, enabling businesses to swiftly identify suspicious activities, detect anomalies, and streamline investigations. The module’s design ensures out-of-the-box functionality with minimal setup, delivering instant value.

Rapid Insight and Assessment

With our Managed Cloud SIEM, you gain a holistic view of your organization’s activities. It enables quick threat detection and offers clear reporting. Persona-based dashboards are tailored to specific roles within your organization, facilitating targeted action and comprehensive reporting to stakeholders.

Streamlining Investigations

Our integrated Case Management System presents critical information in a clear, concise manner. It provides a complete overview of incidents, timing, and threat locations, furnishing teams with the necessary context to streamline investigations and enhance response efficiency.

Full Visibility and Advanced Threat Detection

Experience a panoramic view of your IT environment with our Managed Cloud SIEM. Its single-pane-of-glass approach eliminates the need to toggle between multiple systems. Advanced machine learning and a powerful correlation engine underpin our superior threat detection capabilities.

With our SIEM, powered by Elastic Security, you have full access to the dataset and can view exactly what our SOC engineers are looking at.  The below screenshot gives an overview of the interface.  Use the search fields to query for specific data, narrow your results down to specific time ranges, event types, hostnames and much more.

The DBT SIEM Advantage:

Flexible Data Retention: Tailor your data retention from 7 days up to 5 years, suiting diverse compliance and security needs, while maintaining easy searchability.

Best-in-Class Detection: Stay ahead of global threats with our continuously updated managed detection rules, reducing false positives, and speeding up threat identification.

Simplified Search: Our keyword-based search system is designed for ease of use, allowing rapid, real-time access to insights without a steep learning curve.

Customizable Reporting: Benefit from day-one functionality with pre-built dashboards and reports, along with a growing widget library for bespoke dashboard and report creation.