Comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment with NodeZero

Are you fully aware of your organization’s cybersecurity risk landscape? NodeZeroTM enables proactive discovery, correction, and validation of attack paths that could be exploited due to weak credentials, misconfigurations, and other vulnerabilities. Utilize Direct Business Technologies and our partnership with Horizon3.ai and their NodeZeroTM platform for external penetration testing to gauge your assets and digital risk at the network’s edge, ensuring no potential vulnerabilities are overlooked.

The Discover, Authorize, Pentest, and Repeat Methodology:NodeZero External Pen testing Discover Graphic

Identify and remediate potential internal and external threats before they are exploited, whether your infrastructure is on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid. A consolidated perspective of both external and internal penetration tests provides a complete overview of your cyber risk profile.

NodeZero’s Asset Discovery employs passive enumeration, utilizing DNS and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to comprehensively map assets associated with your organization.

Authorization and Control:

NodeZero External Pen Testing Authorize GraphicNodeZeroTM equips you with critical insights into your assets’ hosting details and third-party associations, granting meticulous control over asset grouping and pentest authorizations.




Identifying and Disrupting Attack VectorsNodeZero External Pen Testing Proof Graphic

NodeZeroTM elucidates attack vectors that could lead to critical impacts, allowing you to pinpoint and address the weaknesses that could disrupt potential intrusion attempts.

Continuous Security Evaluation

NodeZero External Pen Testing Continuous GraphicShift away from snapshot-in-time assessments to a dynamic, ongoing evaluation of your security measures. Track your security improvements and identify any new weaknesses with NodeZero’s continuous testing capabilities.


The Advantages of External Penetration Testing

Mapping the Digital Footprint

External penetration tests elucidate an organization’s internet presence, employing the same tools and techniques a potential attacker might use.

Validating and Mitigating Ransomware Risks

Assess your public-facing assets for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by ransomware, determine potential lateral movement pathways, and identify access points to sensitive data.

Risk Visualization and Management

Visualize the risks posed by misconfigured third-party services and weak credentials, just as an attacker might exploit them to penetrate your defenses.

Enhanced Asset Management

Gain continuous insight into your publicly accessible, hybrid cloud, and internal assets to better manage and protect them.

Supply Chain and Third-Party Risk Clarity

By conducting ongoing internal and external tests, NodeZeroTM delivers immediate clarity on third-party and supply chain risks, contributing to a fortified security posture.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Set up and execute penetration tests in minutes without the need for extensive adjustments, training, or certifications. NodeZero’s prioritized results enable you to focus your efforts on fixing the most impactful issues.

Regular and Autonomous Security Tests

Schedule autonomous penetration tests to support the collaborative efforts of your security teams, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive defense strategy.