cyber security


Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

Proactive, Comprehensive Cybersecurity with Direct Business Technologies

Our MXDR Service, powered by the Todyl platform, embodies a dynamic, risk-focused approach across the entire security lifecycle. From prevention to detection and response, our service is designed to keep your business ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Managed 24/7 Security Operations Center

Our MXDR Service offers round-the-clock security expertise. We vigilantly monitor your environment across endpoints, users, networks, cloud services, and more. The MXDR team, along with your dedicated Detection and Response Account Manager (DRAM), meticulously monitors data from your entire security and technology stack, ensuring real-time detection and response to threats.

Full Visibility and Transparency

We prioritize transparency and complete visibility in our Managed Cloud SIEM and Case Management System. This approach allows your team to have the same comprehensive view as ours, fostering shared security outcomes tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

Platform Experts

Our team of platform experts are highly trained in every aspect of our platform and is various modules.  Our MXDR service comes with SOAR capabilities for automated response capabilities.  Response capabilities can be customized to meet your specific needs.  Examples include isolating a host on the network, disabling a mailbox, revoking all authentication sessions in EntraID, and many more.

The DBT MXDR Advantage:

Goal-Focused Onboarding: We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and security needs. Through collaborative onboarding, we tailor our services to address your primary concerns and adapt to the threat landscape of your industry.

Visibility Analysis and Custom Detection Rules: We collaborate closely with you to gain deep insights into your security and technology stack, ensuring comprehensive visibility. This allows us to create custom detection rules for effective protection of your sensitive assets.

Continuous Threat Hunting: Our team proactively conducts threat hunting, utilizing global threat insights, intelligence sources, and advanced technology. We provide monthly reports on our findings, ensuring you’re always informed and protected.