Elevate Your Defense with NodeZero’s Password Audit

In a realm where compromised credentials often pave the way for cyber-attacks, it’s vital to ensure your credential policies are airtight. Direct Business Technologies has partnered with to offer their NodeZeroTM platform to customers.  The NodeZeroTM AD Password Audit is your proactive tool to eliminate the digital welcome mat for unauthorized users. With efficiency and precision, this audit reveals the robustness of your password policies and guides you through swift remediation.

Insightful Password AnalysisNodeZero AD Audit Graphic

  • Detect High-Risk Passwords: NodeZeroTM AD Password Audit pinpoints passwords within your Active Directory that are susceptible to common attack strategies like credential stuffing, password spray, and brute force attacks.
  • Intelligent Password Cracking: Utilizing public breach data, company-specific OSINT, and any identified weak password terms, NodeZeroTM intelligently assesses password strength.
  • Actionable Remediation: Receive a detailed, prioritized list of accounts posing a risk, complemented by thorough remediation instructions.
  • Ongoing Verification: Implement regular audits to maintain password integrity, particularly as employees enter or exit your organization.


The Criticality of Password Audits

Many organizations falter in enforcing strong password practices. In numerous initial audits, NodeZeroTM often exposes over half of the passwords as vulnerable. This weakness allows cyber actors to exploit legitimate accounts for access and control.

According to CISA’s analysis, valid accounts play a critical role in cyber threats, enabling:

  • Initial Access: Compromised accounts facilitate over half of initial access breaches.
  • Persistence: Attackers use legitimate credentials to maintain a presence within networks.
  • Privilege Escalation: A significant portion of privileges is gained through valid account exploitation.

Understanding the Blast Radius Attackers frequently leverage credential reuse as a simple yet effective strategy. NodeZero’s AD Password Audit assesses password similarity across accounts, introducing the ‘blast radius’ metric, which quantifies the risk exposure from one compromised account.NodeZero AD Audit Example Audit Output Graphic

In this example, NodeZeroTM AD Password Audit identified 30 users with cracked passwords, 18 users with similar passwords that should be updated, and prioritized the risk levels for the passwords examined.  Crack methods included worst 10,000, Breach Terms, Credential Stuffing, Credential Tweaking, Contextual Terms, Username Mutation, and Breached Passwords.

Effective Remediation StrategiesNodeZero AD Audit Fix Action Graphic

Upon completing the AD Password Audit, you receive a Fix Action Report detailing:

Prioritized Risky Accounts: A list of accounts demanding urgent action.

Policy Enhancement Recommendations: Strategies to reinforce your password policies, aligning with NIST guidelines.

Tool Integration Support: Audit results formatted for integration with tools like Splunk for historical risk analysis.

With NodeZero’s AD Password Audit, you not only uncover vulnerabilities but also gain the strategic advantage to secure your network against credential-related breaches.NodeZero AD Audit Proof Output Graphic

NodeZeroTM prioritizes and summarizes your password weaknesses, shows you proof for each password cracked, and provides mitigation guidance.