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Penetration Testing as a Service

Direct Business Technologies has partnered with to offer their NodeZeroTM, an advanced penetration testing platform designed to fortify your cybersecurity landscape.  Our partnership allows us to offer this platform as a service to our customers, reducing the licensing cost and adding platform expertise to assist with your cyber security needs.

NodeZero™ is engineered to autonomously detect and highlight exploitable weaknesses within your network, offering comprehensive guidance for prioritization and resolution. With this tool, you can not only address vulnerabilities but also validate the efficacy of your remedial actions instantly.

Our pen testing solution is primed for convenience, allowing tests to commence within minutes and minimizing maintenance through its SaaS-based structure. NodeZero™ is adept at scaling its pen testing capabilities to match the size of your infrastructure, from dozens to tens of thousands of IPs.

Whether you’re considering an in-house license or seeking a partnership for recurring assessments, Direct Business Technologies is equipped to integrate NodeZero™ into your security environment seamlessly. We’re dedicated to aiding your continuous security evaluation, pinpointing vulnerabilities, and monitoring the progress of your mitigation strategies.

Prioritize Fixes for the Most Critical RisksNodeZero Section 1 Graphic

NodeZero™ does more than identify patchable vulnerabilities; it brings to light the most critical risks, including compromised credentials, exposed data, misconfigurations, and inadequate security controls and policies. It intelligently navigates your network, linking vulnerabilities in the same way an attacker would, but with safe exploitation. Throughout the penetration test, you gain real-time insight into the actions and progress of the assessment.NodeZero Section 2 Graphic

Upon completion, NodeZero™ presents a prioritized list of findings, detailing the critical vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and actionable guidance for systemic and individual remediations.


Insight into Attack Pathways and Their Repercussions

NodeZero Section 3 Graphic
NodeZero™ offers transparent insights into validated attack vectors, providing sequential summaries of each exploit and articulating their potential impact on your enterprise.


Remediation Guidance and VerificationNodeZero Section 4 Graphic

Benefit from precise remediation instructions for each identified weakness, alongside a comprehensive Fix Action report. The platform illuminates broader systemic issues, advising on changes that could concurrently resolve multiple vulnerabilities. Post-remediation, the Quick Verify feature confirms the effectiveness of your actions. For those requiring assistance, Direct Business Technologies offers remediation support to address weaknesses, available as a one-time service or ongoing partnership.

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