Reliable Patch Management Solutions for Modern Enterprises

In the current digital environment, maintaining robust security is fundamental. Direct Business Technologies offers a comprehensive patch management solution designed to secure and streamline your IT infrastructure. With our advanced, cross-platform service, we manage system and software updates across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments from a centralized console.

Our service simplifies the complex process of patch management by automating updates and configurations across all your devices—whether they are on-site, remote, or in the cloud. By integrating cutting-edge automation and robust reporting features, we provide not only heightened security but also enhanced visibility and control over your IT assets. This proactive approach ensures that your systems are always protected against vulnerabilities, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward without the overhead of traditional IT maintenance challenges.

Embrace a smarter way to secure your systems with our efficient and reliable patch management services.

Benefits of Our Patch Management Services:

• Enhanced Security: Regularly updated systems reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and security breaches.
• Compliance Assurance: Stay compliant with regulatory requirements through consistent application of security patches and updates.
• Operational Efficiency: Automate patch deployment to minimize downtime and improve system reliability.
• Risk Mitigation: Proactively manage potential security risks associated with outdated software or misconfigurations.

A Comprehensive Patch Management Solution

Unified Patching Across Platforms

Manage system and software updates seamlessly across Windows, macOS, and Linux. Our cross-platform patch management solution provides comprehensive patching for clients, servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud instances. Keep your infrastructure secure from vulnerabilities by ensuring your operating systems are always up-to-date.

Optimized Patch Remediation

Our managed patching allows for customized patch management strategies for various operating environments, with the ability to group devices by department, operating system, or region, and tag them for refined management. Our service simplifies the update process across different platforms, ensuring that your systems are resilient against potential threats.


Proactive and Automated Management

Our patch management strategy is both proactive and automated, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing the risk of human error. Updates and configurations are scheduled and executed seamlessly, ensuring that all systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches and software versions. This automation extends to both routine updates and urgent security patches, enabling a rapid response to emerging threats.

Seamless Third-Party Software Updates

Our service includes automated detection, packaging, and deployment of updates for a wide array of third-party software titles such as Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Office, ensuring that all components of your system are devoid of vulnerabilities. We also ensure the safety and integrity of each patch with advanced malware detection techniques.

Extended Software Deployment and Configuration Management

Beyond standard patch management, our services excel in advanced software deployment and configuration management. Whether it’s setting a registry key, creating a file, starting a service, or installing new software, our platform is equipped to meet any requirement. By utilizing scripts in PowerShell, Bash, or zsh, we can programmatically identify deviations from your security policies or operational standards and automatically apply corrections. This capability not only ensures compliance but also enhances the operational integrity and security of your systems.

Robust Reporting and Monitoring

  • Overview Report: Obtain a detailed summary of your endpoints’ patch statuses and histories with options to delve deeper into specific groups.
  • Activity Log: Track all actions, automated or manual, executed by our system to maintain transparency and accountability.
  • Outstanding Items Report: Identify and address endpoints that require urgent attention with detailed insights into exposure and issues.
  • Pre-Patch Report: Preview pending patches by group and endpoint to prepare for and mitigate potential impacts.
  • Patching Results Reports: Confirm the successful application of patches and identify areas requiring further attention, facilitating compliance and operational excellence.


OS Patching pricing begins at $8.00 per device per month.

Contact us for a custom quote for Advanced Configuration Management.